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Sid on if he or Jack Johnson would win in a fight. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that! [x]

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Endless list of favorite movies:  Miracle (2004)

Two days later the miracle was made complete. My boys defeated Finland to win the gold medal, coming from behind once again. As I watched them out there, celebrating on the ice, I realized that Patti had been right. It was a lot more than a hockey game, not only for those who watched it, but for those who played in it. I’ve often been asked in the years since Lake Placid what was the best moment for me. Well, it was here - the sight of 20 young men of such differing backgrounds now standing as one. Young men willing to sacrifice so much of themselves all for an unknown. A few years later, the U.S. began using professional athletes at the Games - Dream Teams. I always found that term ironic because now that we have Dream Teams, we seldom ever get to dream. But on one weekend, as America and the world watched, a group of remarkable young men gave the nation what it needed most - a chance, for one night, not only to dream, but a chance, once again, to believe.

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Anonymous asked:
what are some of your favorite football fics? i love yours and i'm desperately looking for more.

Okay, please please please ignore my quick and dirty linkage, but I’m on my phone and wanted to get this out to you before I (inevitably, atrociously) forget that this message is in my inbox.

First off, I’m so glad you enjoyed what I wrote! It’s been a long time since I was active in that fandom, and the fact that people still read my stuff… Ahh! Amazing!! But, since it HAS been so long, I really can’t rec anything current. What I can do is give you this older rec list, which is super basic of me, bc it’s a fandom staple, but:


Basically, I’d agree with an overwhelming majority of that. I never read the starter kit, and I don’t care about Serie A, so I’d just skip that. Distira/onthose_strings is easily (then and now!) my favorite fandom author, and 10/10 recommend her stuff. Also: brojan. I remember fangirling her super hard. But for the most part, about a good 85% of those rec’d are what I’d have rec’d to you, anyway, so.

That was probably super unhelpful as odds are very good you’ve seen that list, but if you haven’t… Enjoy!!